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Moving a Data Center can be a complicated task for most businesses. Properly estimating your relocation costs without disrupting your business is no easy task. XTechnology Global has a full suite of data center move services that will help meet your budget and requirements. We understand the risks that are involved when relocating a Data Center and we anticipate them by setting up a contingency plan to make sure this move does not affect your businesses functionality.

Call XTechnology Global today at (978) 539-8310 to learn more about our Data Center Relocation Services and how we can help your business today! If you are migrating to the cloud, moving to a new location or planning a de-installation, XTechnology Global’s Logistics and data center relocation services can help you and your business accomplish your goals. Please visit XTechnology Global’s website for more details of our comprehensive value added data center move and logistics services.

XTechnology Global In PC Today Magazine!

XTechnology Global had a great spot in the December 2012 edition of PC Today Magazine! The article talks about XTG’s asset recovery program that allows companies to actually make money on old computers and electronics equipment. Many places end up paying to have their old equipment recycled, when in fact, this can be a new revenue stream for a business that can be extremely beneficial in these tough financial times.

The article also talks about how XTechnology Global designs custom remarketing programs based on the individual companies needs and works great with Data Centers. Before remarketing your old equipment, XTG will totally destroy any stored data that was on your equipment to ensure that the future buyers will not have access to it. XTG offers you peace of mind that all of your equipment is recycled and repurposed in an environmentally friendly way. You are able to track all of your old equipment to know exactly where it goes and to unsure it is safely recycled.

Here is a snippet from the first paragraph:

New Revenue Streams

Asset Recovery Programs, Remarketing, Recycling & Data Compliance

When it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or complete a virtualization project, you may think that the only solution for your old computing equipment is to throw it out yourself (and pay the associated fees) or find a disposal company to take it off your hands (for a charge or for free, depending on the equipment and the service). However, if you take a closer look at the true value of your assets, you may discover that they have a secondary market value. If the asset is fully depreciated, it can become a newfound revenue stream that can go back into the IT budget.

Read the entire digital copy of the article from  PC Today Magazine here: