XTG Attending Data Center Dynamics Show in NYC

Michael Saia and Tom Hicks of XTechnology Global were in New York City this week to attend the Data Center Dynamics Converged meetings. This Data Center Conference will include industry leaders from across the country to talk about the persistant industry challenges that have been brought to light after Hurricane Sandy. Although there was a lot of negative press about the way the industry handled the situation, there were also a lot of great achievements that we will look to learn from in the future.

We are honored that United States Army Colonel and a Medal of Honor recipient Jack Jacobs will be the keynote speaker in New York City this year. From his experience in the military and its training methods, Jack will talk about leadership during a time of crisis, the importance of character development at entry level and creating a cohesive unit.

XTechnology Global looks to broaden our horizon by listening to these industry leaders from major financial firms, fortune 1000 companies and other major players in the data center industry. Q&A’s that we are interested in hearing about will consist of topics like cloud infrastructure, data center security and compliance, business continuity and data center disaster recovery. Make sure to ask Michael and Tom how it went!

For any questions regarding your Data Center Security or Disaster Recovery efforts, please give the experts at XTechnology Global a call at (978) 539-8310