XTG Now has the HSM Powerline Hard Drive Shredder

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HSM PowerLine Hard Drive Shredder




XTechnology Global just received a new product at our facility called the HSM Powerline HDS 230-2 Hard Drive Shredder. This device is an extremely powerful machine that has the ability to destroy Hard Drives, Magnetic Tapes, CDs, USB Sticks and even Credit Cards along with all data associated with them. The strong, energy efficient engine used in this machine is in accordance with IEC 60034-30 which allows continual manual material feed.

With the new data shredding system you can be sure that your companies data is completely destroyed and documented to ensure your companies data is safe. The unit allows for data compliance in accordance with DoD 5220 and NIST 800-88 specifications. All material after shredding is recycled in accordance to XTechnology Global’s R2 and ISO certifications. Give us a call to learn more about this machine or about our Data Destruction services. 1(978) 539-8310

Watch this educational video to learn more about the Hard Drive Shredder!


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