XTG Attending 2nd Annual Greater Chicago Data Center Summit

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Today, Michael Saia of XTechnology Global will be attending and speaking at the Second Annual Greater Chicago Data Center Summit to learn and discuss the most recent innovations in Data Center technology. 350 Executives from around the world will be participating in the Data Center Summit in Chicago, and it is sure to be a unique learning experience for all involved.

Michael Saia will specifically be speaking about Data Center Disaster Relief Scenarios, or as they are calling it “The Day after Tomorrow” Strategies. In the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy showed us our weak points in our infrastructure and what we need to improve on to ensure that Data Centers continue to work through natural disasters to meet the needs of your customers. Some of the major talking points will include Redundancy Measures, Fire Protection Safety Measures and UPS Innovations.

This event will include many other Data Center topics as well, including Data Center Financing, Energy Efficiency & Government Regulation, The Impact of the Cloud on New Development and Data Center Development. We look forward to hearing back from Michael Saia on his experience and what he learned and can implement with XTechnology Global

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