XTG continues to adapt to Industry Trends

XTG continues to adapt to Industry Trends

With the current cloud craze in full effect, XTechnology Global is adapting to industry trends by constantly improving its suite of data center services. XTG is an enterprise driven company providing data center solutions to organizations that have large data center footprints. XTG’s goal is to provide its clients with the most efficient plan for all IT asset move and disposition projects within the data center. XTechnology Global offers one stop shopping as it relates to the physical move of data center assets including de-installation and re-installation of storage equipment, asset recovery plans for depreciated assets, data erasure/destruction services for all types of storage media, and Ewaste disposition/recycling services.

XTechnology Global operates under four verticals:

1. Data Center Moves and Relocation Services

XTechnology Global’s team specializes in handling expensive and sensitive IT assets; with their knowledge and experience in handling this type of equipment, XTG’s team has the capability to put the right project plan in place to get your data center move done correctly and on time. XTG’s team also has a Government sector focusing on the (FDCCI) Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative with the goal of providing the United States Federal Government with its suite of services to help satisfy the requirements of the initiative.

2. Data Eradication and Compliance Services

XTG understands the risks involved with disposing of old IT hardware, especially data security.  XTGs goal is to provide its clients with proper data erasure so that their data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. XTG becomes the custodian of its client’s data.  XTechnology Global offers 25 versions of non-destructive software wipe that will put your organization in compliance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), SARBOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), and other Federal and State regulations.

3. IT Asset Recovery and Remarketing Services

XTG’s Team has the ability to get a maximum value return on depreciated assets inside the data center.

4. Ewaste Recycling

All equipment that no longer has a remarket value is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with our ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2013 certifications