We continually improve performance towards promoting
sustainability and conservation for our clients and ourselves.

Our Sustainable mission is to:

  • Continually improve performance towards the prevention of pollution and the degradation of the environment in data destruction
  • Comply with all relevant national and regional environmental legislation in every country in which XTG operates.
  • Ensure that the XTG’s products and services create the lowest possible impact on the environment.
  • Contribute the maximum possible economically to local communities, particularly to the green economy, with purchases of ecologically friendly products, locally (preferably organically) grown produce, foodstuffs and beverages(green procurement).
  • Provide training to promote awareness of environmental issues, sustainability and good practice, particularly those related to the XTG’s activities and services.
  • Make all those who work with XTG aware of their performance requirements within its management processes to ensure continually improved environmental practice.
  • Provide the framework, involving all those who work with XTG, for reviewing all environmental objectives and targets on a regular basis.