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Importance of Media Sanitization

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Importance of Media Sanitization (Data Erasure)

In today’s world, data is literally everywhere. From desktops, laptops and cell phones, almost everything can be accessed digitally. Sensitive, important and personal information is typically stored throughout computers, hard drives and data centers. It is your job as a professional business to ensure that this confidential information doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. Simply think of the terrible possibilities that could happen if this data ever fell in the wrong hands.

So, what can you do in order to protect your business and customer information? The answer is, dispose of the data right away after it is no longer being used. The first thing you need to know is that when data gets deleted, it may no longer be easily available from the operating system that created it, but the files are not gone for good. Software, operating systems and file mangers often place this information in a holding area that can be accessed through a “trap door”.

This is where the importance of data erasure come into hand. Through either on-site or off-site erasure, in a vendor neutral platform, XTechnology Global can perform data erasure that ensures that the data is gone for good.

What is Data Erasure?

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What is Data Erasure?

XTechnology Global is a leading Media Sanitization company providing data erasure services to clients with large storage media footprints. With 35 programs to choose from on a non destructive software wipe, you will be sure that all of the data on the devices is cleared to NIST 800-88 and or DOD 5022.m-22. This is also known as (data clearing or data wiping). The process of data erasure is done to completely destroy all data that sits on any hard drive no matter if it is a standard hard drive or solid state.

Your IT assets most likely hold large amounts of important & confidential data. Whether it be hospital & health information, credit card numbers, personal information or bank details, this information is all being stored.

XTechnology Global is a professional and validated data erasure company for these high performance and quality methods. Based off of your needs, we are able to sanitize at your data center or in our secure facility.

For further information on Data Erasure and how X Technology Global can help your company, please feel free to give us a call at 1(978) 539-8310

Brand New Facility – Middleton, MA

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Brand New Facility – Middleton, MA

XTechnology Global is in the process of moving into a brand new facility come February. We are excited about moving away from our current Danvers location and into our new facility that will be located at 30 Log Bridge Road, Middleton MA.

The new facility will be state of the art, while covering 40,000 square feet. The Data compliance lab will be  increased to 2500 square feet and the facility will  have a new area for storing inventory, testing of enterprise level IT equipment and Ewaste recycling.

Being a leader in, the new XTechnology Global facility will further more carry the practices to operate in accordance to R2:2013 and ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008 and OHSAS18001:2007.

Stay updated throughout our social media platforms and on-site press release page for more updates regarding our big change.


X Technology Global – Preparing Data Centers for Big Data

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Big data Analytics has been understood as the solution to challenges for organizations, many including research laboratories and retail enterprises. Before organizations can roll out Big Data platforms they must make sure they have the proper infrastructure to support it. Sufficient power, adequate computing hardware, and a reliable network for quick connectivity is necessary for retrofitting their data centers.

X Technology Global will be exhibiting as a vendor in Austin, TX on October 15th at DCD’s “Preparing Data Centers for Big Data”, the worlds largest peer-led center conference & expo series.  XTechnical Global is a data center solutions company. We specialize in physical data center moving and relocation services, inventory control, IT asset management, data compliance/eradication, and Ewaste recycling.

Visit the conference website for more information and to register your interest for Austin.

Media Sanitization and The Cloud

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Media Sanitization and The Cloud

Are you or any of your clients migrating to the cloud or moving to a new location? Moving a data center can be an arduous task, especially when it comes to the physical move of data center hardware and the security of the data on that hardware. Often times when an organization is moving a data center there is equipment that is going to be redeployed, but there is also equipment that is going to be obsolete and need to be disposed of in a proper manner. It is extremely important and advantageous to the organization to hire a vendor that can handle both aspects of the move, (1) equipment redeployment and (2) equipment disposition. Where can one find a company that offers this type of one-stop-shopping in regards to data center moves and relocation services? Call XTechnology Global, a data center solutions company, located in Danvers, Massachusetts to learn how we can help: 978-539-8310.

XTechnology Global has the ability to de-install and re-install all data center equipment that is being redeployed at a new site.  Also, XTG has the capability to handle all IT assets that are being retired from the data center and need to be disposed of properly, in an environmentally friendly manner based on our R2:2013 certification. When disposing of old IT equipment, data security becomes an issue of concern. No need to fret, XTG’s disposal process includes proper data erasure methods to prevent our clients’ data from falling into the wrong hands. XTechnology Global provides 25 versions of non-destructive software wipe that will put your organization in compliance with HIPPA, GLBA, SARBOX, and other Federal and State regulations. XTechnology Global offers other types of erasure methods with its NSA approved degausser and pulse degausser.  XTG offers physical destruction on all types of storage media with its HSM Powerline HDS 230-2 Hard Drive Shredder, shred length cut to 20mm x 30mm; XTG’s hard drive shredder provides data compliance in accordance with Department of Defense Min/Spec 5220.22m and NIST 800-88 specifications. XTechnology Global’s data erasure methods have been validated by a third party forensics analysis team, J.A.G. & Company, LLC.

XTechnology Global understands the risks involved with moving a data center as well as the data security issues that come with these types of projects. Contact XTechnology Global today to learn more about our value added data center services.

Phone: 978-539-8310
Email: [email protected]


XTG continues to adapt to Industry Trends

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XTG continues to adapt to Industry Trends

With the current cloud craze in full effect, XTechnology Global is adapting to industry trends by constantly improving its suite of data center services. XTG is an enterprise driven company providing data center solutions to organizations that have large data center footprints. XTG’s goal is to provide its clients with the most efficient plan for all IT asset move and disposition projects within the data center. XTechnology Global offers one stop shopping as it relates to the physical move of data center assets including de-installation and re-installation of storage equipment, asset recovery plans for depreciated assets, data erasure/destruction services for all types of storage media, and Ewaste disposition/recycling services.

XTechnology Global operates under four verticals:

1. Data Center Moves and Relocation Services

XTechnology Global’s team specializes in handling expensive and sensitive IT assets; with their knowledge and experience in handling this type of equipment, XTG’s team has the capability to put the right project plan in place to get your data center move done correctly and on time. XTG’s team also has a Government sector focusing on the (FDCCI) Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative with the goal of providing the United States Federal Government with its suite of services to help satisfy the requirements of the initiative.


2. Data Eradication and Compliance Services 

XTG understands the risks involved with disposing of old IT hardware, especially data security.  XTGs goal is to provide its clients with proper data erasure so that their data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. XTG becomes the custodian of its client’s data.  XTechnology Global offers 25 versions of non-destructive software wipe that will put your organization in compliance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), SARBOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), and other Federal and State regulations.


3. IT Asset Recovery and Remarketing Services 

XTG’s Team has the ability to get a maximum value return on depreciated assets inside the data center.


4. Ewaste Recycling  

All equipment that no longer has a remarket value is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with our ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2013 certifications



Contact XTechnology Global today to learn more about our suite of data center services.
TJ Whelan
978-539-8310 x116
[email protected]

3rd Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit

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XTechnology Global will be hosting a booth at the Third Annual Greater Chicago and Midwest Data Center Summit at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL on Thursday June 12, 2014.  XTechnology Global is excited to learn more about how new industry trends in the data center space are effecting organizations located in the Chicago area as well as around the globe.  XTechnology Global is a data center solutions company that specializes in physical data center move and relocation services, inventory control, IT asset management, data compliance/eradication, and Ewaste recycling.  If you or any of your clients are going through a consolidation, refresh, or migration project inside the data center stop by XTechnology Global’s booth to see how they can help.  XTechnology Global provides best in class service as it relates to the handling of highly sensitive and valuable IT hardware.

Call or Email XTechnology Global today to hear more about the data center services that XTG has to offer:

978-539-8310  |   [email protected]

XTG Hosting Booth at 2014 National Education Seminar

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XTechnology Global will be hosting a booth at the 2014 National Education Seminar at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California on June 23-26, 2014.  XTechnology Global is excited to learn more about the trends in Federal and State government as it relates to asset management, most specifically the management of IT equipment and data sensitive materials.  XTechnology Global is an IT asset recovery company that specializes in handling data sensitive IT equipment.  XTechnology Global provides the following services in regards to their client’s IT assets: mission critical moves, inventory control, IT asset disposition, ewaste recycling, data compliance, and data destruction/erasure on all storage media.  If you are attending the 2014 National Education Seminar and are responsible for the IT assets of your agency or organization, take the time to stop by XTechnology Global’s booth to see how they can help.

XTG is Hosting a Booth at Boston’s Bio-IT World Conference

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XTechnology Global will be hosting a booth at the 2014 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts at the Seaport World Trade Center.  XTechnology Global has attended and/or sponsored many conferences and trade shows on Big Data in the data center space in the past.  However, this will be the first time XTechnology Global has attended the Bio-IT World Conference, “As first time attendees to the Bio-IT World Conference, XTechnology Global is excited to learn more about the new trends in IT and how it effects life sciences and drug development”, said Michael Saia, CEO of XTechnology Global.  Come by our booth and check out the data center services that XTechnology Global has to offer as it relates to big data and cloud computing in the biomedical and healthcare industries.

XTG Sponsoring the DCD New York Event This March

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Datacenter Dynamics Converged Conference in New York City




Michael Saia and XTechnology Global are happy to be a Bronze sponsor for the Datacenter Dynamics Converged conference in New York City next month.  Data center professionals who are driven to expand their industry knowledge and discover emerging technologies, will be attending the 12th Annual conference and expo on March 11, 2014 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. With over 30 guest speakers from all across the globe, many industry topics will be discussed like just-released industry research data and trend analysis

Industry experts will be sharing tips and techniques that they used to achieve optimal results from their data center initiatives by using best practices and new technologies. Throughout the day, you will have a opportunity to network with thousands of industry experts, as they are expecting over 1,000 End Users, Operators, and Executives to attend this one day conference in NYC.

At XTechnology Global, we understand the speed at which technology evolves and we understand that it is important to stay up to date with the industry trends. That is why we do our part at these DCD Events throughout the country, like when Michael Saia spoke at this same event in NYC last March, as well as our speaking events in Dallas, Chicago & Washington DC. XTechnology Global is an industry leader by staying ahead of the game, like being the 1st Company to Achieve Certification for Newly Upgraded R2:2013 Standard, as well as making sure all of our other certifications are always up-to-date!

Contact us today at (978) 539-8310 to learn more!

Mission Critical Moves

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Are you in the middle of a data center consolidation project where you are tasked with the responsibility of moving servers that are mission critical?

If so, XTechnology Global has the solution to provide you with inventory control, de-installation, packing, transportation and re-installation services.  It doesn’t matter if it is a 1U server or 100 racks filled with blade servers, XTechnology Global can provide care, custody and control as well as peace of mind that the deadline will be met in a time sensitive move. XTechnology Global provides custom dashboard tracking of all inventory assets which allows our clients to see where their equipment is at all times during the move. Whether the equipment is coming from your data center to a colocation facility or from colocation to colocation, XTechnology Global can provide the project management and road map to get the data center move done right.

Please contact XTechnology Global to learn about our data center consolidation and relocation services.

Federal Data Center Consolidation Services

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Federal Government Data Center Consolidation & Relocation



XTechnology Global is a small business seeking teaming arrangements on government data center services contracts at the Federal, State and local levels.  If you or your clients are going through an equipment refresh, virtualization, platform migration, data migration, consolidation, move, relocation or straight equipment take out project within the data center, XTechnology Global can help.  XTechnology Global provides best in class service as it relates to the management of data center IT assets, inventory control, remarketing, recycling, data center de-installion, transport and re-installion of IT hardware.  XTechnology Global has the ability to track all assets for the entirety of the project whether the equipment is being moved to a client’s site or is being brought to XTechnology Global’s facility for remarketing evaluation, recycling and disposal.  XTechnology Global’s de-manufacturing process ensures that all client’s IT equipment is handled in an environmentally sensitive manner in accordance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and R2:2013 standards as well as EPA, Federal, State and local laws.

XTechnology Global also offers data compliance/eradication in their suite of services.  All of XTechnology Global’s efforts in data eradication are done to Department of Defense Min/Spec 5022.22M and NIST800-88* standards with full reporting of hard drive part and serial numbers, all certificates of data destruction provided.  XTechnology Global offers 25 programs of non-destructive software wipe.  If non-destructive software wipe is not an option, XTechnology Global offers degaussing through our NSA approved portable degausser. If ultimate destruction is required, shredding is also available on all storage media with shred length cut to 20mm x 30mm.

Our portable test equipment for on/off site work means XTechnology Global has the flexibility to perform its valuable services at client data center locations. We have the ability to work in a vendor neutral platform, across multiple interfaces. Because we are vendor neutral we can accommodate specific client needs at the client site or in our state of the art data compliance laboratory. No matter what service you choose, XTechnology Global guarantees that our client’s data and/or equipment will be dealt with securely and properly.

For further information regarding XTechnology Global’s data center services please contact XTechnology Global’s Government Accounts Manager:

Severino (Sev) Tirella
Direct: 978-880-7075
Mobile: 781-910-0017
E-mail: [email protected]

XTG Opens New York Location!

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XTechnology Global has opened a New York Address to support Clients in NY, NJ and PA. With recent strong growth across the board in XTG’s product services, data disposition , ROI on customer assets, logistics, and the addition of the R2 2013 Responsible Recycling certification strengthening our green initiative, a New York presence just makes sense for 2014 and beyond.


XTG the First Company to Achieve Certification for Newly Upgraded R2:2013 Standard

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XTechnology Global has earned the distinction of becoming the first company to achieve certification to the newly upgraded R2:2013 Standard. “We are pleased to be the first to comply with this new rigorous standard. The R2:2013 certification is clearly head and shoulders above any existing electronics recycling standard and puts XTechnology Global in a new class of e-waste service providers going forward,” Said Michael Saia, CEO and founder of XTechnology Global. “The R2:2013 Standard incorporates ISO 14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001, and shows our commitment to not only the environment, but to quality and to our existing customer base. It was a pleasure to work with R2 Solutions in adopting the new standard, and we encourage other electronics recyclers to explore upgrading to R2:2013 Standard – it’s the platinum of standards and accountability in the industry.”

The updates to the R2:2013 Standard were recommended by the R2 Solutions Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which consists of representatives from key stakeholder groups, including: regulatory agencies, public interest groups, international trade experts, entities covered by the standard, downstream vendors, users and electronics equipment manufacturers. Balanced in its make-up and transparent in its deliberations, the TAC provides the opportunity for input and due process to all interested parties.

“We are excited to welcome XTechnology Global as the first to join the R2:2013 community,” said John Lingelbach, Executive Director of R2 Solutions. “Industry leaders like XTechnology Global continue to raise the bar, positively affecting the health and safety of the environment and workers all around the globe. We congratulate Michael and the entire XTechnology team on their significant achievement.”

Town of Danvers, MA E-Waste Recycling Weekend

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Danvers, MA E-Waste Recycling Day




This Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 -1:00  at the Danvers high school on 60 Cabot Road, XTechnology Global is once again providing an Ewaste recycling weekend for all the residents and businesses in the town of Danvers, Massachusetts. “This is our 5th event working with the town of Danvers and proceeds of the event will be donated to the Danvers community food bank.” Said David Saia, VP  of XTechnology Global.  All electronics can be brought to the event for online casino best practice ewaste recycling based on XTechnology Globals R2 – Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 Certifications. “We are pleased to be working with XTechnology Global again this year as they donate all the help and trucking to support this event, which helps make the event each year successful for the town”. Said Gail Bernard, recycling coordinator for the town of Danvers.

Please help the town of Danvers and XTechnology Global have a 5th straight successful E-Waste recycling day by telling all of your friends and family in the area about this event. This will allow more people to properly recycle all of their unwanted electronics in an environmentally friendly manner. For any questions regarding our e-waste recycling services, please contact XTG at (978) 539-8310

Going green with Team Paws #53 Nadeau Motorsports 300ZX Race car

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The Nadeau Motorsports Team Paws #53, 24 hour of Lemons race car has selected XTechnology Global as its official recycling vendor as it further commits to environmental sustainability. Brian Nadeau, team principal of the Team Paws car is pleased to be working with a vendor that will responsibly recycling all electronics and metals that are no longer needed for the race car. “This vendor selection serves to ensure that the team is completely committed to the environment by working with XTechnology Global and its best practices based on ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008, OHSAS18001:2007 and R2-Responsible Recycling for all ewaste and other assorted materials.” Now with the exit strategy in place for materials that are no longer needed, the team can concentrate on winning in future races, said Nadeau.

XTechnology Global sponsers a Race Car in Massachusetts

XTG’s own Michael Saia had a chance to take this car out for a spin last weekend to get his blood pumping! XTechnology Global is thrilled to be teaming up with Team Paws and wishes them the best of luck on the race track! For any question regarding our services or equipment, please give us a call at (978) 539-8310

Attention: IT Asset Managers!

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Are you in charge of your company’s IT and Data Center assets?  Are you bogged down with the responsibility of keeping an inventory of those assets and no time to do it?  There’s no need to panic, the IT asset management team at XTechnology Global can help you.  XTechnology Global’s experienced team can put an inventory/asset recovery management and data compliance solution plan in place for you.  The XTechnology Global IT asset management team is willing and able to work with all of its current and potential clients in every step of the process.  For every job that XTechnology Global becomes involved in, whether it is inventory, re-marketing, recycling, data eradication, disposition or disposal of IT assets, the IT asset management team at XTG provides its clients with full reporting of the part number, serial number, description of the equipment, certificate of destruction and recycling (upon client request) with full comprehensive audit trail capabilities.

Call XTechnology Global and find out how they can help and possibly get you maximum ROI on your depreciated IT assets.

Michael Saia Speaking at the 2013 Texas Data Center Summit

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XTechnology Global to Speak at the Texas Data Center Summit


Michael Saia, President of XTechnology Global, will be speaking at the 2013 National Data Center Summit Series held in Dallas, Texas on October 10th, 2013. This event brings together the most innovative data center executives to cover all aspects of Data Center Technologies and what is new in the industry. Michael Saia will specifically be talking about Data Center Disaster Relief as it has become a hot topic in the industry after hurricane Sandy.

The conference is being held in Texas because all of the major cities in in the Lone Star state are looking to attract the nation’s leading data center operators as the major cities continue to see more data center activity. The first ever Texas Data Center Summit will focus on data center real estate opportunities and challenges in major markets like Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

250+ leading commercial real estate and technology infrastructure firms & executives have already signed up to attend the Data Center Summit, with 350 expected to attend, speak, network and debate on the opportunities and challenges in today’s Data Center markets.

XTechnology Global in Danvers, MA has been helping companies nationwide improve their data centers and maximize their return on IT assets. Not only will our services assist in saving your company money, but we also make sure everything is handled in an environmentally sensitive manner in compliance with EPA, state and local laws. Contact XTG today to learn more about our services! (978) 539-8310

E-Waste Day Fundraiser at the Nock Middle School in Newburyport, MA

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XTechnology Global will be putting on an E-Waste Day Fundraiser at the Nock Middle School in Newburyport, MA to help raise money for the Middle School and the Awesome Independent Me (AIM) program. The fundraiser will be held on Saturday September 21st from 9:30am to 2pm. The event will go on rain or shine so make sure to come out and support the local community while getting rid of old e-waste that is laying around your home.

All proceeds will go to the AIM program which helps special education students at the Upper Elementary School level learn and acquire necessary life skills. Last years fundraiser was extremely successful and we are looking forward to another great turnout! Stephanie Karahalis, who is the Special Education teacher and the lead organizer of this event had some great things to say about XTechnology Global.  ” (Last year) We were able to purchase ipods, lap-top computers and other material for the students with the money we raised, and the earnings also helped pay the way for some of our students to go on an eighth-grade trip to Washington, D.C. XTechnology Global is a certified e-waste recycling business out of Danvers and is OSHA certified. They follow all the state guidelines and do everything by code,” Karahalis stated. “They’re also donating 100 percent of the money we make. They’re don’t collect any of the money, all the funds go to support AIM.”

Please come out and support your local community this weekend! The weather looks like its going to be great Saturday so we look forward to seeing you!

Please contact XTechnology Global to learn more about our services at (978) 539-8310

Michael Saia to Speak at the AFCOM NE Chapter Meeting

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XTechnology Global‘s own Michael Saia will be attending and speaking at the Premier Association for Data Center Management Professionals Meeting for the New England Chapter. The meeting will be held today, September 18th, 2013 at theRegency Inn & Conference Center in Westford, MA. The general topic of the meeting with be Technology Power Conservation & Rebates, but Michael will specifically be speaking about Data Compliance, Asset Recovery and Green IT from Within the Data Center.

To learn how to effectively and efficiently manager your Data Center, contact XTechnology Global today. We will happily explain our services in further detail to let you know how our services can benefit your company while being Environmentally Sustainable. Call us at (978) 539-8310

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