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NPMA’s 2013 National Education Seminar

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XTechnology Global will be exhibiting at the National Property Management Association’s (NPMA) 2013 National Education Seminar, Asset Management Strategies in a Changing World, July 29-31 in Orlando, FL.  NPMA offers the latest innovations, value, and solutions through professional asset management.  XTechnology Global will be exhibiting at booth 101 at the seminar and invites all current and potential clients who are attending the show to stop by and discuss what type of value XTG can bring to your organization as it relates to IT asset management.  This is a great chance to get caught up on the latest strategies and solutions regarding property and IT asset management.  We hope to see you there!

NPMA 2013 National Education Seminar. XTG Danvers, MA

XTG Attending 2nd Annual Greater Chicago Data Center Summit

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Today, Michael Saia of XTechnology Global will be attending and speaking at the Second Annual Greater Chicago Data Center Summit to learn and discuss the most recent innovations in Data Center technology. 350 Executives from around the world will be participating in the Data Center Summit in Chicago, and it is sure to be a unique learning experience for all involved.

Michael Saia will specifically be speaking about Data Center Disaster Relief Scenarios, or as they are calling it “The Day after Tomorrow” Strategies. In the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy showed us our weak points in our infrastructure and what we need to improve on to ensure that Data Centers continue to work through natural disasters to meet the needs of your customers. Some of the major talking points will include Redundancy Measures, Fire Protection Safety Measures and UPS Innovations.

This event will include many other Data Center topics as well, including Data Center Financing, Energy Efficiency & Government Regulation, The Impact of the Cloud on New Development and Data Center Development. We look forward to hearing back from Michael Saia on his experience and what he learned and can implement with XTechnology Global

R2 Solutions Announces Release of R2: 2013

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R2: 2013 Responsible Recycling in Massachusetts




XTechnology Global is always keeping up with the latest updates in recycling certifications in order to stay ahead of the game. Recently, R2 Solutions announced that they will be releasing R2: 2013 certification on July 1, 2013. R2:2013 is the premiere certification program for electronics recycling. This new update greatly increases the oversight and quality assurance widgets that are extremely important to a certification program. R2 Solutions is always looking to raise the bar for data security, the environment and the health and safety for not only the employees, but the community as well.

Some highlights are that all R2 Facilties will be required to have an approved EHSMS (environmental, health and safety management system) to improve the accountability and integrity of the R2 certification. whether OECD or non-OECD, more explicit compliance with export and import laws of all exporting, importing and in-transit countries is required. Lastly, improvements to data destruction have been made, assuring the security of all media until it is completely sanitized and/or destroyed.

XTechnology Global keeps up to date with all recycling certification, including those released by R2 Solutions. We aim to provide top of the line service to all of clients to ensure that all of their data and information is removed, recycled and destroyed properly and in an environmentally safe manner. To learn more about our Data Desctruction and Data Eradication services, give the experts at XTG a call today!

(978) 539-8310

Success at the Danvers, MA E-Waste Recycling Day!

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E-waste Recycling in Danvers, MA

XTechnology Global and the Town of Danvers, MA have completed yet another successful E-waste recycling event for Danvers’ residents.  “We have been working with the XTG team for three years, and the E-waste recycling draws a large number of residents and is very well received in the community.” said Gail Bernard, DPW Program Coordinator.


As a result of the E-waste recycling event, we are pleased to donate $750 of the proceeds to the Town of Danvers Community Council.  David Saia, VP of Logistics for XTechnology Global presenting the check to Bob Hemeon, President of the Danvers Community Council, with Gail Bernard, center.

To learn more about XTechnology Global’s services or to look into potentially having an E-Waste Recycling Day in your community, contact us today at (978) 539-8310

XTG Attending the Data Center Dynamics show in Washington DC

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After attending the Data Center Dynamics show in NYC in March, XTechnology Global  is a sponsor of the Washington D.C. Data Center Dynamics held in Reston VA. DCD Converged Washington DC offers the latest innovations, trends, solutions and challenges facing the data center and mission critical IT spheres. XTG will have a booth at the show and invites all clients and potential clients to stop by if you are attending the show. This is a great chance to get caught up on the newest changes in the data center industry and how your business can keep up with the trends. We hope to see you there!

Data Center Dynamics Converged conference in NYC - Washington DC

E-Waste Recycling Day for town of Danvers, MA

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XTechnology Global and the town of Danvers, MA will hold another E-waste function for the town this weekend at Danvers High school. Hours are from 9-1 on  Saturday and Sunday. Residents of Danvers and local businesses are urged to come and recycling old electronics that are no longer being used like computers, cell phones, printers or any other type of electronic you are looking to recycling properly!

“We are pleased to be working with XTG again to provide electronics recycling services for the residents and businesses of the town of Danvers.” Said Gail Bernard, recycling coordinator for the Town. This is our 5th event and all have been highly successful. XTG donates proceeds of the day’s events to the town of Danvers food bank.  This event is held rain or shine so please come out and do your part!

E-Waste and Recycling Day for Teradyne!

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E-Waste and Recycling day for Teradyne





XTechnology Global is pleased to announce a successful company-wide E-waste and recycling day for Teradyne and its employees on April 22nd, 2013 located at 600 River park Drive, North Reading, Massachusetts.

As a commitment to the environment and recycling for Teradyne we are pleased to select a vendor that shares the same goals and vision as it relates to electronics recycling. “With the selection of XTechology Global as a downstream E-waste processor, the companies R2 (Responsible Recycling), and ISO certifications allows Teradyne to have a peace of mind that no electronics (E-waste) are exported to developing countries or dumped into landfills and are processed with a full downstream audit trail”, said Mark Cappi, EHS manager for Teradyne.  “Teradyne has been a pleasure to work with and the EHS team clearly shares the same commitment to environmental sustainability as it relates to E-waste”, said Chris Allworth, National Accounts manager for XTechnology Global. Event is schedule rain or shine.

XTG Now has the HSM Powerline Hard Drive Shredder

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HSM PowerLine Hard Drive Shredder




XTechnology Global just received a new product at our facility called the HSM Powerline HDS 230-2 Hard Drive Shredder. This device is an extremely powerful machine that has the ability to destroy Hard Drives, Magnetic Tapes, CDs, USB Sticks and even Credit Cards along with all data associated with them. The strong, energy efficient engine used in this machine is in accordance with IEC 60034-30 which allows continual manual material feed.

With the new data shredding system you can be sure that your companies data is completely destroyed and documented to ensure your companies data is safe. The unit allows for data compliance in accordance with DoD 5220 and NIST 800-88 specifications. All material after shredding is recycled in accordance to XTechnology Global’s R2 and ISO certifications. Give us a call to learn more about this machine or about our Data Destruction services. 1(978) 539-8310

Watch this educational video to learn more about the Hard Drive Shredder!


Current R2 Standard Changing to R2:2013

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R2:2013 Responsible Recycling Logo in MA




The current R2 Standard is changing to R2:2013. Once ratified by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) it will be submitted to the R2 Solutions board of Directors. The original Standard was released in 2008 as it related to best practices for E-waste and computer recycling.  The new standard will incorporate ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, two certifications XTechnology Global already has. This new standard will set the bar for companies seeking certification under the new R2:2013 standard. The new standard will require compliance with the new import and export laws, incorporates on site workers health and safety, and eliminates harmful E-waste disposal in developing countries. As the new standard gets adopted, XTechnology Global will be at the forefront of certification and will be in compliance with the new standard. This will allow for XTechnology Global to continue industry best practices as it relates to E-waste recycling for existing and future clients.

Data Center Relocation and Colocation

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Hurricane Sandy Date Center Relocation


In recently published Gartner research article, one in ten data center servers older than 12 months and less than 36months will be relocated in 2013. Colocation, cloud application repurposing, reexamination of primary and disaster recovery locations after Super Storm Sandy are some of the factors contributing to mission critical data center asset migration. As a result, logistic planning and services are a growing part of operational data center management.

Relocation of enterprise assets involves more than just moving equipment from point A to point B. Data centers and their components require different consideration than other corporate logistic projects. Mission critical environments data disposition, transit security are a few of the elements that distinguish enterprise based logistics. How these elements potential affect a relocation project and the selection of a logistics partner should be considered.

Picking an experienced company in data center protocol and deinstallation is a good place to start. Proper deinstallation protects expensive hardware, assures continuity of existing warrantee and maintenance agreements and saves time and money during reinstallation. Capacity to meet tight deadlines and flexibility to accommodate off hours and likely schedule changes should be considered.

As with any data center project need for potential data disposition and data security exists in asset relocation. Many enterprise focused logistic companies have the ability to handle data disposition onsite if required and certified procedures for offsite data security. Both onsite and offsite options should include full reporting by asset tag, drive serial number, a defensible audit chain and be able to accommodate any internal compliance requirements. Even if a migration project is not spec’d or anticipates these services selecting a vendor with experience and capability in data disposition and security is a good idea.

Transit and potential storage security requirements should be examined and matched with the capabilities of potential enterprise logistic providers.  Lock out transport, secure storage faculties options should include certified, established chain of custody procedures.

Over the course of planning and implementing any data center project equipment needs and requirements can change quickly. Some equipment slated to move may no longer be required at the time of relocation. Other equipment may be deemed inoperable after or during the move.

In both cases, repurposing and or recycling services may be required. Many qualified logistic companies handle disposal and where appropriate remarketing of repurposed enterprise equipment and components. As with previous services Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state and local compliance, with established chain of custody and a full understanding of internal goals and policy can be critical to a successful relocation.

By its nature data center relocation often involves questions of asset security, asset and E-Waste disposal, potential equipment repurposing and data disposition and security along with moving gear from one place to another safe and cost effectively. Logistic providers that offer certified solutions to the above can save time and money while satisfying important internal and external compliance requirements.

XTG Handling the E-Waste Initiative in Marblehead, MA

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Marblehead, MA E-Waste Removal




The town of Marblehead, Massachusetts has selected XTechnology Global as its preferred vendor to handle the town’s growing E-Waste Initiative. “The town of Marblehead is committed to environmental sustainability as it relates to E-Waste, which is why we have chosen XTechnology Global to handle our town’s recycling of electronics, computers, and IT related equipment. The company’s ISO and R2 certifications, full audit trail capabilities, transparent reporting process, and zero tolerance of E-Waste ending in landfills or being for export has led the town of Marblehead to select them as our new vendor”, said Andrew Petty, recycling coordinator for the town of Marblehead. “We are pleased to add another local town to our growing client list and provide our support to each of these towns in processing E-Waste by handling all electronics and computer recycling initiatives”, said TJ Whelan, Government account representative for XTechnology Global. We look forward to a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship.

XTG Attending Data Center Dynamics Show in NYC

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Data Center Dynamics Converged conference in NYC




Michael Saia and Tom Hicks of XTechnology Global were in New York City this week to attend the Data Center Dynamics Converged meetings. This Data Center Conference will include industry leaders from across the country to talk about the persistant industry challenges that have been brought to light after Hurricane Sandy. Although there was a lot of negative press about the way the industry handled the situation, there were also a lot of great achievements that we will look to learn from in the future.

We are honored that United States Army Colonel and a Medal of Honor recipient Jack Jacobs will be the keynote speaker in New York City this year. From his experience in the military and its training methods, Jack will talk about leadership during a time of crisis, the importance of character development at entry level and creating a cohesive unit.

XTechnology Global looks to broaden our horizon by listening to these industry leaders from major financial firms, fortune 1000 companies and other major players in the data center industry. Q&A’s that we are interested in hearing about will consist of topics like cloud infrastructure, data center security and compliance, business continuity and data center disaster recovery. Make sure to ask Michael and Tom how it went!

For any questions regarding your Data Center Security or Disaster Recovery efforts, please give the experts at XTechnology Global a call at (978) 539-8310

XTechnology Global | (978) 539-8310 |

XTechnology Global Will Be Attending the 2013 Markley Data Center Summit

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2013 Markley Data Center Summit Boston, MA






Members of the XTechnology Global team will be attending the 2013 Data Center Summit, put on by the Markley Group, on March 7th in Boston, Massachusetts. Markley Group is New England’s largest telecommunications and data center facility.  This Summit will bring industry professionals to downtown Boston for panel discussions and presentations about cloud computing, emerging data center trends and more. These discussions and presentations will be put on by industry experts from all across the globe.

XTechnology Global is attending this event to make sure we are current with all of our topics like virtualization trends, best practices to protect sensitive information and data center relocation. This is also a great way for us to network with others in the industry to make sure that we are providing you with the best service possible. This year’s Summit promises to have a whole new look and feel to it and XTG is happy to be a part of it!

R2 Certified – Responsible Recycling in Boston, MA

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R2 Certified Responsible Recycling in Boston, MA




XTechnology Global is an IT asset recovery company that has ISO and R2 certifications. We provide maximum R.O.I. on non performing inventory from the data center to the desktop. Products that have no remarketing value are deemed E-waste.  All products that are given the e-waste title are processed at the company’s facility, de-manufactured and sent to verified downstream vendors for further processing.

XTG’s Environmental Sustainability programs allow for clients to track all equipment disposal.  There are many benefits to using an R2 certified company such as XTG.  These benefits include, but are not limited to, making real, measurable, and positive impacts toward reducing your organization’s carbon footprint and overall effect on the environment.  XTG provides detailed reports for their process of recycling that meets R2, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certification standards.  In turn, XTG’s recycling reports creates a value added to your organization’s environmental sustainability team as it includes a WARM model.  As a result of these reports, your company has tangible data as it relates to your recycling efforts; these reports will show the amount of greenhouse gases and carbon credits you saved as a result of your recycling efforts.  Go Green and GO Green with XTechnology Global.

Please contact your XTG representative to find out how we can become a recycling service for your organization.

Data Eradication and Media Sanitization in Boston, MA

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XTechnology Global provides best in class non-destructive media sanitization  for all storage media. Interfaces include IDE, SATA, SAS, Fiber Channel, SCSI and Solid State devices. Program selection includes up to 14 different settings to provide the client with choices that will suit their needs.


Data eradication programs:

  • 1X Write NIST clearData Eradication in Boston, MA
  • 1X Write DOD Clear
  • 1X Write Verify, DOD Clear Verify
  • 1X Zero Drive
  • 3X Write DOD without Verify
  • 3XWrite  Verify DOD sanitize
  • 3X Write Verify NAVSO Purge
  • 3X Write Verify NAVSO purge without format
  • 5X Write
  • 5X Write Verify
  • 7X Write
  • 7X Write Verify

1X program writes with a random pattern to the device. Above 1X write programs write varying patterns depending on the program run.  If NIST program is selected, once program is completed devices that pass are in compliance to NIST 800-88 Specification.  If a DOD (Department of Defense) program is selected, devices that pass are in compliance to DoD 5220.22-M. Once complete  a report is generated with serial number, program run, date, time of pass, duration of run, bad block count, operation of machine and system version of program. Data is now in compliance to SARRBOX, Graham-Leach-Blily act, FACTA and HIPAA. Devices can now be remarketed or repurposed with peace of mind knowing that the data has been sanitized.

As the custodian of clients data we make sure that all reports are fully audited in accordance to XTG’s ISO certified guidelines.

Please contact your XTG representative to find out how we can deploy our mobile data eradication services to your site for data sanitization.

Data Center Relocation, Moves and Migrations

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Data Center Relocation Boston MA


Moving a Data Center can be a complicated task for most businesses. Properly estimating your relocation costs without disrupting your business is no easy task. XTechnology Global has a full suite of data center move services that will help meet your budget and requirements. We understand the risks that are involved when relocating a Data Center and we anticipate them by setting up a contingency plan to make sure this move does not affect your businesses functionality.

Call XTechnology Global today at (978) 539-8310 to learn more about our Data Center Relocation Services and how we can help your business today! If you are migrating to the cloud, moving to a new location or planning a de-installation, XTechnology Global’s Logistics and data center relocation services can help you and your business accomplish your goals. Please visit XTechnology Global’s website for more details of our comprehensive value added data center move and logistics services.


XTechnology Global | (978) 539-8310 |

XTechnology Global in PC Today Magazine!

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XTechnology Global had a great spot in the December 2012 edition of PC Today Magazine! The article talks about XTG’s asset recovery program that allows companies to actually make money on old computers and electronics equipment. Many places end up paying to have their old equipment recycled, when in fact, this can be a new revenue stream for a business that can be extremely beneficial in these tough financial times.

The article also talks about how XTechnology Global designs custom remarketing programs based on the individual companies needs and works great with Data Centers. Before remarketing your old equipment, XTG will totally destroy any stored data that was on your equipment to ensure that the future buyers will not have access to it. XTG offers you peace of mind that all of your equipment is recycled and repurposed in an environmentally friendly way. You are able to track all of your old equipment to know exactly where it goes and to unsure it is safely recycled.

PC Today Magazine and XTechnology Global New Revenue Streams

Here is a snippet from the first paragraph:

New Revenue Streams

Asset Recovery Programs, Remarketing, Recycling & Data Compliance

When it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure, migrate to the cloud, or complete a virtualization project, you may think that the only solution for your old computing equipment is to throw it out yourself (and pay the associated fees) or find a disposal company to take it off your hands (for a charge or for free, depending on the equipment and the service). However, if you take a closer look at the true value of your assets, you may discover that they have a secondary market value. If the asset is fully depreciated, it can become a newfound revenue stream that can go back into the IT budget.


Read the entire digital copy of the article from  PC Today Magazine here:


XTechnology Global | (978) 539-8310 |

XTG Now Has ME-P3E rig / REM1400 NSA Approved Degausser

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Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser




Starting this week, XTechnology Global will offer the Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser. This unit is approved by both the NSA and DOD for security erasure of high-coercivity media. This is the highest-rated and #1 degausser on the market and it will erase hard drives up to 5300 oersted, perpendicular recorded disks up to 4200 Oe and tape up to 2600 Oe. This is the most reliable machine on the mark  for the fast erasure of back-up tapes and PC hard disc drives containing confidential or sensitive information. This machine is not only powerful, but it is also portable and very convenient. The hydraulic lift makes it so you can easily adjust the height to meet unique requirements.

The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser utilizes “Rare Earth” permanent magnets so that the machine can continuously run without heating up or overheating. This machine is guaranteed to degauss all current hard drives, even most future hard drives, meaning that it will not go obsolete any time soon, which will protect your investment in this machine.

XTechnology Global wants to continuously improve our services so that you can make sure that all of your data is destructed of properly and efficiently. Call us today for Data Eradication, Computer Recycling, E-Waste Removal, Data Erasure and more!!

Michael Saia at the 2012 International Computer Referbisher Summit in Phoenix, AZ

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CEO and Founder of XTechnology Global, Michael Saia, will be attending the 2012 International Computer Referbisher Summit (IRCS) in Phoenix, Arizona on November 13 and 14th. Michael will be speaking at the conference in regards to data center and data compliance. Michael will be speaking to a panel that is moderated by National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Panel members are Destruct Data, Blanco software and XTechnology Global. The main topic being discussed is Data destruction and compliance as it relates to Microsoft authorized refurbishers (PC’S) and the enterprise (XTechnology Global).

XTechnology Global continues to be involved in Summits similar to these to help educate ourselves further on Data Destruction as it relate to new technologies. We also take part to help inform the public of the importance of data destruction for security reasons and more. The 2012 ICRS provides an opportunity for people working in the computer recycling and reuse fields to meet each other, learn about new developments and discuss the best practices of some of the top Refurbishers in the world.

Flooded Equipment in Data Centers from Hurricane Sandy

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Due to the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, many business have been affected as it relates to data center operations due to the flooding and loss of power. XTechnology Global  works with many firms in the  affected areas to handle flooded equipment which would be classified as Ewaste.

Additionally we can support large logistical operations of moving out the gear so the client can reinstall new equipment.

Please feel free to contact the sales department at XTechnology Global for a quote.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all victims of Hurricane Sandy and we hope you get back on your feet soon!

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