Services Overview

Our services include the planning and disposal of IT Assets for the end goal of eliminating risk and recouping cost of new equipment through a high-security processing, consolidating, sorting, and first level disassembling facility. Our specialty is in environmental disposal and end-of-life cycle repurposing for idle computer or electronic business equipment. Our corporate clients can be assured with professional services and compliance with all federal and state disposal regulations.

XTechnology Global provides best in class turnkey solutions for IT asset management.

We provide market intel on your current assets to provide maximum value back to customers. Our logistics network can be deployed at any location your data center resides. Whether on-site or shipping to our state of the art facility, XTG makes data compliance and disposition easy. Our process enables your assets to be remarketed and resold into an exclusive marketplace(after data-striping) and all non-salvageable materials are recycled and disposed of in a carbon neutral manner.

Utilizing a transparent process with integrated reporting, XTG will ensure you know exactly where your equipment inventory is going. XTG’s eco-friendly solution recycles parts and redistributes them into the marketplace, recouping a strong ROI.

Each project for us has a common set of goals:

  1. Uncover savings through process improvement and support for strategic decision making
  2. Gain control of the inventory
  3. Increase accountability to ensure compliance
  4. Enhance performance of assets and the life cycle management
  5. Risk reduction through standardization, proper documentation, loss detection
  6. Recover market value of items being disposed

Our goal is to be the primary point of accountability for the life-cycle management of information technology assets throughout the organization. To improve the development and maintenance of policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements that enable the organization to manage the IT Asset Portfolio with respect to risk, cost, control, IT Governance, compliance and business performance objectives as established by your business.

X Technology Global provides a structure of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment. Assets include all elements of hardware that are found in the business environment. A major part of this includes planning for performance and disposition preplanning.

IT Asset Management business practices are process-driven and matured through iterative and focused improvements. Most successful programs are invasive to the organization, involving everyone at some level.  Business management of IT assets requires a source of multiple types of information about the asset, as well as integration with other systems such as supply chain, help desk, procurement and HR systems.

XTG Starts our process by identifying what items can be recycled, which items need to be data compliant and at what level of security.

Our Core Services:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • De-Manufacturing
  • Consolidation & Processing
  • Asset Disposal & Reporting
  • Nationwide Logistics
  • Technical Assessment
  • Offsets & Revenue Sharing
  • Employee Purchase Programs
  • Electronic Data Removal
  • De-Installation
  • Equipment Valuation
  • Certificates of Recycling
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Asset Tracking

Products We Remarket and Recycle:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Terminals
  • Printers
  • Mainframes
  • Medical Electronics
  • Televisions
  • Banking Equipment
  • Network Equipment
  • Circuit Boards
  • Wiring & Cabling
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Copiers
  • Fax Machines
  • PDAs
  • Batteries
  • UPS
  • Telco
  • PBX
  • Servers
  • Tape libraries
  • All enterprise gear
  • Blades
  • SANS
  • Power supplies