End-to-End Chain of Custody

We offer a more transparent secure chain of custody for our client’s IT assets. In most cases a logistics security specialist driving an XTG truck picks up assets at client locations. Those assets remain in our possession throughout the transportation process until they arrive at a  processing center or recycling facility.

The secure chain of custody is also an important part in assuring compliance with data security and environmental management laws.  The knowledge of the location of our vehicles and your assets at all times via GPS tracking and the reporting on both pick-up and deliver to XTG’s facilities provides the assurance and audit trail required by the most security conscious corporations.

Logistics Network

Our logistics network solves one of the most troubling problems for clients: secure and reliable transportation. IT assets pose a unique challenge because they are both high value and high risk for corporations. XTech’s logistics network offers a secure chain of custody.

National Reach

XTG’s logistics management team has over 20 years of combined experience in global logistics and transportation operations, and guides the ever-growing expansion of our logistics network. Logistics centers are established in a plethora of cities from coast to coast, assuring close proximity to every metropolitan area. Additional hubs are planned for expansion in the near future.

The added benefit of the national network when combined with the fully integrated standardized process in all of XTG’s eradication plants is that all of our client’s assets can be routed to the closest facility to be re-manufactured or recycled.

Although qualified partner carriers will pick up assets from remote clients, our goal is that nearly all client’s assets are transported by XTG to ensure secure handling dependability and professional service.