Minimize E-Waste

R2:2013 Responsible Recycling Logo in MAXTechnology Global’s goal is to help our customers minimize or even eliminate waste generation and emissions released to air, water and land. As a leader in responsible environmental management, all XTechnology Global facilities will operate in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. The resulting benefits to our clients include real, measurable, positive impacts that they have made on reducing their carbon footprint and overall impacts on the environment.

We practice responsible disposition

Our recycling habits will typically entail sorting and preparing the materials so they can be easily reused or broken down into raw material to create a new product. Common items that are recycled are plastic, glass, paper, batteries and aluminum, but nearly everything can be recycled or reused.

In the first stage of recycling, old products are collected and then sorted, cleaned and made ready for their next life. In the second stage of recycling, a product designer or manufacturer has created a new product from the old material. You complete the cycle when you buy or use that product created from recycled material.

Our system clearly defines best practices for managing ewaste. We document and regularly check our downstream vendors to ensure that their compliance remains in line with ours. Final demanufactured product is recycled with a smelter who constantly is evaluated and receives report cards for their levels of emissions and recycling efficiency.