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Importance of Media Sanitization

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Importance of Media Sanitization (Data Erasure)

In today’s world, data is literally everywhere. From desktops, laptops and cell phones, almost everything can be accessed digitally. Sensitive, important and personal information is typically stored throughout computers, hard drives and data centers. It is your job as a professional business to ensure that this confidential information doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. Simply think of the terrible possibilities that could happen if this data ever fell in the wrong hands.

So, what can you do in order to protect your business and customer information? The answer is, dispose of the data right away after it is no longer being used. The first thing you need to know is that when data gets deleted, it may no longer be easily available from the operating system that created it, but the files are not gone for good. Software, operating systems and file mangers often place this information in a holding area that can be accessed through a “trap door”.

This is where the importance of data erasure come into hand. Through either on-site or off-site erasure, in a vendor neutral platform, XTechnology Global can perform data erasure that ensures that the data is gone for good.

What is Data Erasure?

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What is Data Erasure?

XTechnology Global is a leading Media Sanitization company providing data erasure services to clients with large storage media footprints. With 35 programs to choose from on a non destructive software wipe, you will be sure that all of the data on the devices is cleared to NIST 800-88 and or DOD 5022.m-22. This is also known as (data clearing or data wiping). The process of data erasure is done to completely destroy all data that sits on any hard drive no matter if it is a standard hard drive or solid state.

Your IT assets most likely hold large amounts of important & confidential data. Whether it be hospital & health information, credit card numbers, personal information or bank details, this information is all being stored.

XTechnology Global is a professional and validated data erasure company for these high performance and quality methods. Based off of your needs, we are able to sanitize at your data center or in our secure facility.

For further information on Data Erasure and how X Technology Global can help your company, please feel free to give us a call at 1(978) 539-8310

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