Data Center Relocation Services

XTechnology Global’s team are data center relocation experts with an outstanding track record of handling complex physical, and hybrid data center moves and IT transformations. Nothing is left to chance as we anticipate and deal with any potential challenge before they even arise. All Jobs are based on detailed project management SOW’s to ensure Clients needs are met.

Detailed plans for source and destination locations. Full rack elevations and data center configurations are coordinated with the client to ensure that the move goes according to schedule.

No job is too big or complex for our expert team and professional resources. XTECHNOLOGY GLOBAL‘s technical and logistical capabilities can relocate data centers and IT assets of any size and scale, from a single rack to a data center that has a footprint of thousands of racks and assets.

XTECHNOLOGY GLOBAL Is fully staffed to meet any data center logistics and move services from inception to completion. We also work with the client’s IT staff and with clients approved vendors across the supply chain.

Data Migration Services

Migrating data can be risky, complex and can impact application performance and availability, so let XTG’s experienced team plan and execute your data migration to help you reduce unnecessary risk, application outages, and unforeseen costs. Quickly capitalize on new hardware investment or seamlessly move data to the cloud with expert-level storage migration services. A phased methodology is applied to understand the requirements and goals for each data migration project. Each project is kicked off via a detailed questionnaire and a simple assessment of the storage environment to determine the project scope, cost and best tool set to meet businesses requirements.

Our services team can help assess your project’s critical needs and timelines and create a comprehensive step-by-step migration plan following our proven methodology.

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Implement

Analysis & Strategy

Architect & Validate

Detailed Design



  • Planning Workshop
  • Project Management
  • Discovery
    • Current State Infrastructure & App Data Collection
    • RTO / RPO App
    • Understand Internal Processes Migration Activities
  • High-Level Migration Design Plan by App
  • High-Level Infrastructure Service Design
  • Target Site Infrastructure Plan
  • Project Management & Communication Plan
  • High Level Design
  • Detailed Migration Design
  • Implementation Planning
  • Plot Migrations
  • Customer Communication
  • Build and Test
  • Release to Production
  • Production Cutover Checklist Review
  • Change Management
  • Compliance Management
  • System Support & Svc Desk Readiness
  • Go / No-Go Decision
  • Transition to Ongoing Operations
  • Monitor Results
  • Warranty Period
  • Update Remedy SR & Close
  • Decommission of Legacy System & Infrastructure
  • MS Project Plan
  • Infrastructure & App Inventory Validation / Dependencies
  • Macro-Assessment by App
  • App Assessment Doc (AAD)
  • Virtualization Analysis
  • Target State Infrastructure Service Requirements
  • App Migration Narrative
  • High Level Site / Service Tech / Org / IT Process Design
  • Approved App Migration Stategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Next Phase Project Plan
  • Detailed Site / Server Tech Org & IT Process Designs
  • DR Design
  • Porting / Migration Relocation Plan
  • Implementation. Test & Acceptance Planning
  • Cutover / Transition Plans
  • Capacity & Comm Plans
  • Prelim Cutover Checklist
  • Execution Plan
  • Run Books, MSG & App Documentation
  • System & Acceptance Tests
  • Go-Live Cutover Checklist
  • Execute Comm, Plan
  • Lessons Learned
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Transition to Operations & Support
  • Decommission Report & Finance Update
  • Monitor Results, Identify Other Improvement
  • Customer Satisfaction


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