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NPMA’s 2013 National Education Seminar

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XTechnology Global will be exhibiting at the National Property Management Association’s (NPMA) 2013 National Education Seminar, Asset Management Strategies in a Changing World, July 29-31 in Orlando, FL.  NPMA offers the latest innovations, value, and solutions through professional asset management.  XTechnology Global will be exhibiting at booth 101 at the seminar and invites all current and potential clients who are attending the show to stop by and discuss what type of value XTG can bring to your organization as it relates to IT asset management.  This is a great chance to get caught up on the latest strategies and solutions regarding property and IT asset management.  We hope to see you there!

NPMA 2013 National Education Seminar. XTG Danvers, MA

Data Eradication and Media Sanitization in Boston, MA

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XTechnology Global provides best in class non-destructive media sanitization  for all storage media. Interfaces include IDE, SATA, SAS, Fiber Channel, SCSI and Solid State devices. Program selection includes up to 14 different settings to provide the client with choices that will suit their needs.


Data eradication programs:

  • 1X Write NIST clearData Eradication in Boston, MA
  • 1X Write DOD Clear
  • 1X Write Verify, DOD Clear Verify
  • 1X Zero Drive
  • 3X Write DOD without Verify
  • 3XWrite  Verify DOD sanitize
  • 3X Write Verify NAVSO Purge
  • 3X Write Verify NAVSO purge without format
  • 5X Write
  • 5X Write Verify
  • 7X Write
  • 7X Write Verify

1X program writes with a random pattern to the device. Above 1X write programs write varying patterns depending on the program run.  If NIST program is selected, once program is completed devices that pass are in compliance to NIST 800-88 Specification.  If a DOD (Department of Defense) program is selected, devices that pass are in compliance to DoD 5220.22-M. Once complete  a report is generated with serial number, program run, date, time of pass, duration of run, bad block count, operation of machine and system version of program. Data is now in compliance to SARRBOX, Graham-Leach-Blily act, FACTA and HIPAA. Devices can now be remarketed or repurposed with peace of mind knowing that the data has been sanitized.

As the custodian of clients data we make sure that all reports are fully audited in accordance to XTG’s ISO certified guidelines.

Please contact your XTG representative to find out how we can deploy our mobile data eradication services to your site for data sanitization.

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